Leather Furniture South Intro

Wel­come to my blo­gos­phere!  I’m Tom; I am the Founder, Owner, and Pres­i­dent of Leather Fur­ni­ture South, which is the old­est Inter­net based seller of residential/commercial leather fur­ni­ture. I have been in the busi­ness of leather fur­ni­ture, in one capac­ity or another, for over 25 years. Famil­iar­ity with all of the lines cur­rently being sold here in the United States, com­bined with work­ing with many man­u­fac­tur­ers and tan­ner­ies, gives me a unique per­spec­tive within the leather fur­ni­ture industry.

In the com­ing weeks and months we will tackle areas such as what con­sti­tutes qual­ity con­struc­tion, leathers, war­ranty how to shop for value in qual­ity leather fur­ni­ture, etc.  It is my expe­ri­ence that most folks in shop­ping for leather fur­ni­ture are doing so for the idea of qual­ity, longevity, and last­ing beauty.  Unfor­tu­nately the major­ity of leather fur­ni­ture being sold in this coun­try is made in Italy and China, and is of gen­er­ally poor qual­ity.  Here we will learn the dif­fer­ences between those types of prod­uct and what really con­sti­tutes qual­ity in leather furniture.

We wel­come your ques­tions; you can email me here at info@LeatherFurnitureSouth.com, or call toll free at 877.670.7845.

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