Leather Sofa Base Springs / Suspension

This is another area that can be con­fus­ing for the aver­age con­sumer. Most folks don’t even know that some leather sofas don’t have steel springs in the base, and that even those that do are not nec­es­sar­ily of qual­ity. There are 3 basic sus­pen­sion sys­tems uti­lized by 99% of the fur­ni­ture indus­try. They are, in no par­tic­u­lar order of qual­ity, syn­thetic web­bing, sin­u­ous steel spring, and 8 way hand-tied steel springs.

Today we’ll take a look at syn­thetic web­bing, which we’ll refer to as “web­bing.” These web­bing con­struc­tions will most com­monly be found in Ital­ian made leather fur­ni­ture, and some­times in Chi­nese fur­ni­ture. I guess the best anal­ogy that I can make for web­bing sus­pen­sions would be to have you imag­ine lawn fur­ni­ture with it’s inter­wo­ven web­bing strips. In the man­u­fac­tur­ing of leather sofas this web­bing is typ­i­cally sta­pled to the wooden frame cre­at­ing a tram­po­line of sorts. The pro to this type of sus­pen­sion is that it is inex­pen­sive to man­u­fac­ture. The cons start with the web­bing stretch­ing out over time, just like a rub­ber­band would. As the web­bing stretches it cre­ates a “hammock-like” effect in your seat­ing where every­thing tends to sag to the mid­dle. Not a great prospect when you’re sit­ting toward the arm sink­ing toward the mid­dle. The loss of sup­port will wear out the seat cush­ions pre­ma­turely. Also, over time the web­bing strips can tear from those spots where it is sta­pled to the frame.

For those rea­sons noted above, web­bing sus­pen­sion in a sofa is gen­er­ally a sign of infe­rior qual­ity. To ver­ify it, just take a look at the man­u­fac­tur­ers war­ranty in regard to the sus­pen­sion sys­tem; it will typ­i­cally be five years or less.

Next entry we’ll take a look at the steel spring type suspension.

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