Leather Sofa Frame Construction

We’re con­tin­u­ing our dis­cus­sion of Chi­nese and Ital­ian leather fur­ni­ture imports today with frame con­struc­tion. Let’s pref­ace this dis­cus­sion with the idea that these types of imports are being made for the masses in large quan­ti­ties, and more impor­tantly, to hit cer­tain price points, to be appeal­ing to the masses. Cost cut­ting in all areas is of key impor­tance in hit­ting those lower price points. Keep in mind that the cost of ship­ping that leather fur­ni­ture from over­seas has to be absorbed into the cost, as well. So now you start to see how para­mount cost cut­ting becomes.

Qual­ity leather fur­ni­ture is built only with frames made from kiln dried hard­woods. Use of hard­woods is pre­ferred for their last­ing strength and dura­bil­ity. Kiln dry­ing fur­ther hard­ens those woods and helps them to keep from crack­ing or split­ting. The major­ity of leather fur­ni­ture imported from China and Italy is not built with these qual­ity, kiln dried, hard­woods, but rather from chip­board and ply­wood. These are not the best choices in build­ing a piece of qual­ity leather fur­ni­ture, but is a great choice for keep­ing the cost low.  The other issue is how these frames are affixed. Qual­ity leather fur­ni­ture frame con­struc­tion would include screw­ing and glu­ing the joints, and uti­liz­ing a cor­ner block for sta­bi­liza­tion, as well. Most imported leather fur­ni­ture has sta­pled frames, and rarely are cor­ner blocked.  The prob­lem that arises with sta­pling is that even­tu­ally those sta­ples tend to work them­selves loose caus­ing insta­bil­ity in the frame, loose arms, etc.

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