Steel Spring Constructions

Sorry for the lull in blog postings; it’s been hectic around here!  Let’s get onto talking about steel spring type constructions, there are essentially 2 types to consider, although there are variations of both.

Sinuous springs, sometimes called “zig zag” springs or “ziggers”, are the most commonly used springs because of their low cost.  A sinuous spring is a long piece of steel wire that is shaped into many “S” shapes so as to resemble a snake laying across the ground.  These springs have no real height; they are essentially flat.  Sinuous springs are attached to the wooden frame from front to back.  So the question is whether sinuous springs are good or bad?  Do you know the answer?  Time’s up, the answer is neither…or both!  There’s no black and white answer to this question.  So I guess your answer was correct, and wrong.  Let’s clarify and figure out what really determines the answer.

Better, stronger springs would naturally start by being made of heavier gauge wire.  But that alone is not the key here.  Many very cheaply made, inexpensive sofas are made of sinuous springs, and many very well constructed and pricey ones are as well.  Remember that the main function of any spring is to create a base of support for seating comfort and stability.  Imagine a fence that was built with few posts, that were set say 20 feet apart.  Now think of a second fence built with it’s posts only set 3 feet apart.  Which would be the stronger, more durable?  The fence with the posts set 3 feet apart of course!  More strength and stability is created within any structure by building the supports closer together.  The same principal applies to a sinuous spring leather sofa base.  A quality sinuous spring construction would have heavier gauge springs set more closely together.  A sofa made with only low cost manufacturing in mind would use lighter gauge wire, and set the springs further apart so as to use less of them.

This same principal applies to coil spring constructions as well.  More springs means more support and lasting comfort.

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